The Strayfarers Project

Strayfarers is a web-comic project about the journey of Shura and Vanik set in Meru, a fantasy world loosely based on Southeast Asian cultures.

Shura is a Starfolk, a short-lived being made of stardust, and Vanik is a Fae, an immortal entity made of fairy dust.

Strayfarers is a pet project started during a difficult time so that I could improve and learn more about myself. In this story, I wanted to develop a story about growing up, friendships and dealing with dreams for the future. 

It's free for reading on WebToons here!

Comic, Games & Art Cons

I take part in a few local and international art conventions during the year as a booth tender selling mostly prints and trinkets - both original works and fan works. Some of these events include Doujima, Singapore Games & Comic Conventions and Comic Fiesta in KL, Malaysia. 


I see it as an opportunity to push myself creatively, a chance get to know people and also update myself on what are the new and exciting things that other artists are trying out.

Other Studies

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