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To Hell With You

When ShiLei takes his best friend’s place as a sacrifice to appease the Lord of the Deep Water, he thinks that it’s the end of the road for him.


Little does he know – the true fight for his survival begins the moment he’s dead. The 10 powerful Lords of Hell have pronounced him ‘unredeemable’ and are out for his blood.


In this brutal hellscape, ShiLei’s only way forward is to beat them or win them over. So who’s the mysterious shadow guiding him through the secrets of the cycle of life and death?


To Hell With You is an ongoing webcomic. It's free for reading on WebToons here!

Project Partner:

Project Role: Co-Writer and Co-Artist

Backwoods Bowls

A collaborative comic pitch done for SGCC's 2021 W.I.P Programme (Singapore Comic Con "Work In Progress" Programme) in November 2021.

Pitch was selected as one of the Top 10 submissions for SGCC 2021's W.I.P Programme and exhibited in SGCC's digital gallery.

Project Partner:

Project Role: Co-Writer and Co-Artist


Having spent most of his life in a tiny village, Shura finds out that the outside world was so much bigger than he imagined. 

On hiatus and in the middle of a reboot - but an early draft is free for reading on WebToons here!


& Juliet?

A 5-page short comic done based on the theme "Romeo and Juliet". Romeo is re-imagined as an exorcist and Juliet is... something else.